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I celebrate my lineage undiluted!

I have no desire to adjust my content to make it more acceptable nor digestable for anyone! Living without compromising!

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This is a PRERECORDED CLASSROOM ACCESS which includes three days of extensive course work 3 hours each Day to train in being a Birth Worker. FULL SPECTRUM Certificate Of Completion Birth Worker course. For centuries, Black doulas have served women from pregnancy through childbirth and the early stages of motherhood. During these times women need reassurance and information. They also need support, both physical and emotional – even spiritual. They need the type of insight and advice that only another woman can provide.

A doula provides all this and more such as empathy, compassion, strength, understanding and empowerment.

CLASSES ARE RECORDED!!! You will have to sign off on permission for visual art. ALL CLASSES ARE NON REFUNDABLE!!!

After completions of course you receive your certificate and have all access to any IN PERSON course that I hold of your choice.




Doulas support and aid the mothers in the birthing process 

***I do not deliver babies***

I support mothers in all ways especially if having a natural birth

But a healthy pregnancy and safe birth is always priority 

I offer different solutions holistically for mothers

I don’t not give medical advice (I’m not in that field anymore)

My price range between 400 for E SUPPORT (not in person doula service)

And up depending on traveling 

$3300 for OUT OF STATE travel included with the average cost around $2250 for IN STATE clients. Depending on the tier purchased for in state client services include a prenatal visit, labor and delivery, and a post-delivery follow-up.

I see mothers as necessary before delivery IF IN STATE 

OUT OF STATE only tier one is available which is birth only.

Depends on which package deal you choose most mothers only need me for delivery 

also if needed I offer postpartum doula services and breastfeeding consultation 


***if needing a Doula please provide*** VIA EMAIL!

 NAME, City and State, Due Date, and contact to

Wow, this oil is profound. I promise you won’t regret purchasing. Will be ordering again, thank you!


Straight to the point and very in tune, I loved this spiritual consultation. She made me feel safe and sure about where I am going spiritually. Peace & Love. 

Yemi Rose

Just took my one on one sigil class with earth mama and it was easier than i thought she explained everything so well and even gave me extra gems 💕 I really appreciate her for taking the time to teach this